Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Stop Your Cheer Shoes from Smelling

Smelly cheerleading shoes are probably the worst smelling thing ever. Seriously so gross.

Face it, cheerleaders are athletes. We spend hours every single day in our cheer shoes, working our butts off and sweating a ridiculous amount. It is only natural for your shoes to start smelling after time. So yes, we understand why they smell BUT it still is a horrible stench to have to deal with.

So how do get that rancid disgusting smell out of your cheer shoes?

Keep reading to check out one of the best and easiest method we've found for getting them back to smelling fresh...

Okay well, maybe there is no getting back to fresh, but at least getting them back to a more tolerable level.

1. Grab your favorite smelling tea bags. The fruitier the better. Andddd you will probably need to use the whole box, let's be honest here.

2. Unwrap and insert 1-2 tea bags into each shoe. One all the way in the toe area and one in the middle just to cover your bases. The tea bags will actually help to absorb the odor and release their fresh smell into your shoes.

3. Leave them to sit overnight. We typically recommend somewhere well ventilated like your garage or outside if it's not going to rain. If it's cold outside, even better, the cold helps to neutralize odor.

4. Repeat as often as you would like!

See super easy!

Are you not to this point yet but looking for a couple of  tips to keep your cheer shoes from smelling? Here are a couple ways to prevent the stench.

  • Always wear them with socks - preferably a pair that is moisture wicking to keep both your feet and shoes dry
  • Do not wash them in the washing machine/dryer or dishwasher. The high heat will start to make the glue in the shoe fall apart and incredibly stinky
  • Always air them out when you aren't using them. Keeping them in your backpack or cheer bag is suffocating them and their smell. Let those puppies breathe! Leave them sitting out every night in your garage or outside. 
Do you have any other ways you keep your cheerleading shoes from stinking? We would love to hear them and so would the rest of our readers!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Remember, if you have any questions for us on anything at all, let us know! We’re always here for you!


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