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Asics Ultimate Cheer Shoes for Competition

In our eyes, competition cheer shoes follow the rule “if ain’t broke don’t fix it”. (Not at all saying wear the shoes until they break). We mean that everyone has their go-to ultimate favorite competition shoe to cheer in. Every once in a while we’ll hear from a cheerleader and they say,
“I don’t want those again, I’ve had them the last 2 years. I want something different this season!”
Well, let us ask you…why do you want something different? Just bored with the same style or do you truly not like them? 90% of cheerleaders we see that decide change their shoes after wearing the same ones for years, will go back to their original choice. Hence…“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

There is the exception to that rule. The exception is when your favorite shoe gets the old “discontinued” boot and you are either forced to cheer barefoot *enter our cheer coach voice* “don’t ever do that!” or try something new.

The cheer shoe that has unfortunately faced the “we’re discontinuing you, boot” in 2016 is the Asics Ultralyte. The Asics Gel-Cheer Ultralyte was hands down one of the most popular shoes we had people loving for the past few years. It went head to head with the Nfinity Evolution all season long. But then they discontinued it ? Not even going to lie Asics, we absolutely love you and everything you create, but we were very disappointed in this decision from you. Until….enter the Asics Ultimate Cheer. While we still have a special place in our heart for the Ultralyte, the Ultimate is seriously amazing. Just trust us.

And of course we’re going to tell you why. Did you really think we’d let you down on that one?

There are so many things to love about the new Asics Ultimate Cheerleading Shoe, even more low profile than ever, amazingly secure and supportive fit, giving you flawless range of motion, breathability, traction, and the list goes on.

Low Profile
Let’s look at the low profile structure first. Compared to its predecessor, the Asics Ultralyte, it is soo much more low profile. See how much lower the toe is on the Ultimate than the Ultralyte? This will help you with stability.

What is low profile, anyways? Low profile basically is the distance of the decline from the heel of the shoe to the toe. The more even they are, the more low profile the shoe. Is this good or bad? Low profile is good!!

619273338Here’s why: when you are landing after a tumbling pass, a jump, or stepping out of a stunt, all the impact lands first on your feet then travels up into your legs, knees, hips, and torso. But the way you land in that first second effects how your body takes that shock and how stable you are in doing it. When you do not have a very low profile shoe, you tend to land on your toes more so than the rest of the foot. Ever see a super wobbly dismount or someone roll their ankle immediately after landing? Most likely it is because they landed more on their toes. If you don’t stick the landing immediately and are unstable the rest of your body follows and you tend to lose control.

BUT when your shoe is low profile, you are more likely to land on your mid foot which will create stability and help the rest of your body align and properly carry the weight of that shock.
Interesting stuff, huh?! There’s your bodily physics lesson for the day, you’re welcome ;)

Next up we’ve got weight + flexibility.
Asics Ultimate – 5.6 ounces
Ultralyte – 8 ounces

FlexibilityWhatever cardio Asics did to shave the weight off of this shoe, we like it. The last thing you want to feel while cheering is that you’ve got weights tied to your ankles.

While it doesn’t look like it would be, the Asics Ultimate is surprisingly incredibly flexible. This has to do with the no sew upper they put on it. Literally from the leather on the heel + the toe, there is no stitching in between giving you full range of motion with zero restrictions in flexibility.

With this no sew upper, they’ve made it entirely mesh to help your foot breath. Have you ever smelled your cheer shoes? Gross. You’re going to need max breathability if you don’t want your shoes smelling like that anymore.

Now onto support! Asics is known for their Gel cushioning system, and that is exactly what they’ve given you in this shoe. They’ve loaded up the gel cushion into the midsole in all of the areas that your foot needs the shock absorption most.

Then they have added their kimono tongue fit system to make sure the shoe fits around your foot securely. This helps to prevent any movement or sliding around inside the shoe and you can then land and move flawlessly throughout your cheer routine.

Lastly, the one thing Asics hasn’t really touched is the durable outsole. Rubberized for added traction control (no slipping in the middle of a routine) and durability.Durable Sole
So, while we were not very thrilled when Asics pulled one of our favorite shoes from their lineup, they more than made up for it with the Women’s Asics Ultimate Cheer shoe. We forgive you this time Asics, just don’t break our hearts all over again.

Have you tried this shoe out? What do you think about the Asics Ultimate? Any pros or cons you want to share? We are all ears and love hearing from you!

Have more questions about this shoe or want other options to choose from? Let us know! We’re always here for you! Comment below, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email (, phone call (877-200-4944), carrier pigeon, okay maybe not carrier pigeon. But seriously, we’re always here and we know our stuff!

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