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The Ultimate Cheerleading Bag Collection

Whether you’re new to cheerleading or a cheer veteran, carrying all of your gear and always being prepared for school, practice, games, and competitions is never an easy task. Most people call us up and ask what is the best cheerleading backpack? Well up until now, we’ve always said that a standard backpack will do the trick, just make sure you always double check the bag before leaving the house.

Well, folks, our minds have been blown. We now have to change our answer. There is a better options for lugging around all of your gear. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. But there’s a new favorite in the cheer world, and it’s making quite the splash:

The Axeus Cheerleading Bag Collection.
bag collection

Axeus World is a newer cheer company that is something truly amazing. Currently carrying 4 awesome shoe styles and they have now come out with an incredible and innovative bag collection to make cheerleaders lives easier.

Read on to see what we’re talking about with these bags. Trust us, they’re going to blow your mind too. Plus, we’ve got a BONUS video for you at the very end of this post so check it out>>

Close your eyes and imagine a situation with us for a second…Competition day. You’ve got everything set out to go the night before. You’re so ready for this. Gym bag, backpack, purse, makeup bag, cheer shoes, poms. You’ve got it all.

You get up in the morning, get ready for the day, grab your bag and you’re out the door. You get all the way to competition when you realize you have only grabbed your cheer bag. Now you have no cheer shoes, no bows, no makeup. Nightmare right?!

Now, you don’t have to have this nightmare. Axeus has come out with 2 bag styles that were solely designed around fixing the “forgetfulness” problem we see every day. The Backpack and the Shoe Carrier.

Lets start with the Axeus Backpack. It comes in 2 styles: Sparkle ($52.00*) and Classic Black ($48.00*)

*Amazing Price right? Just a heads up to you guys, this price is from when the post was written (2/15/16) while we would LOVE to promise you this price always, we unfortunately cannot do that because of rules and regulations from the companies. But be sure to check out our website for the most up to date pricing!*
Black Background

Looks like a normal backpack doesn’t it? Wrong. This backpack includes so many great features.
Containing 2 huge adjustable waterbottle pockets so you’ll never go thirsty during cheer.

waterbottle pocketscushioned straps

3 main compartments PLUS a tablet/laptop sleeve to keep those devices safe. The front pouch is perfect for all of the little things you don’t want to lose in the big pouch…keys, money, hair ties, etc.

3 main pockets

Now for the seriously amazing feature. The random strap in the middle pocket. When we first saw it, we were kind of confused on the purpose, but then it just clicked! It’s a built-in bow/poms strap!! Seriously so awesome. The strap clips to the front of the bag outside of the pocket and the zippers stop at the strap opening. This way, you don’t have to worry about crushing your bows or poms by throwing them in your gym bag. Also in the middle pouch are tiny pockets for pens and other small items.

Built in Cheer Bow Strap
Lastly, but definitely not least, for the front pouch. When you open it up, it looks so weird. It’s not a normal pouch at all because it goes way back and underneath all of the other compartements. Weird, right? Well that is until you put in your cheer shoes. YES! It’s a special shoe pocket that fits their other bag perfectly. It’s like a separate drawer pouch for your shoes! This way, your smelly shoes won’t be mixed in with all of your other stuff AND you’ll never forget your cheer shoes at home ever again! LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature.

Bottom Shoe Pouch

When your shoes aren’t in the pouch, the pouch just collapses and makes room for everything else you’ve got in the bag and you never even know its there. Yep, minds blown. We told you!

renee shoe bag

Now that we’ve discovered the cheer shoe drawer pocket and all its amazingness, let’s look at the second bag in this collection: the Axeus Shoe Carrier ($12.00*)

*Amazing Price right? Just a heads up to you guys, this price is from when the post was written (2/15/16) while we would LOVE to promise you this price always, we unfortunately cannot do that because of rules and regulations from the companies. But be sure to check out our website for the most up to date pricing!*

The shoe carrier is perfect when you either
A. Need to carry all of your stuff together but don’t want to forget anything or be the bag lady.
B. Are running to practice and you don’t need your entire backpack with you. You shouldn’t be wearing your cheer shoes unless your cheering anyway so this is perfect for keeping the pair together when you’re not cheering.
This shoe carrier, although looks pretty simple, it has some pretty great features like the backpack too. Such as….

An adjustable crossbody strap to easily carry the bag with you. Grommets on each side to ventilate the bag. Trust us, if they didn’t have these holes for venting, you will have one horrible smelling bag.

carrier adjustable strapcarrier ventilation
An inside clear pouch for when you don’t have your backpack with you but still need some necessities such as ID, phone, money, hair ties, small hair brush, or even a pouch to keep an extra pair of socks in! This pocket comes in handy for sure!

inside storage pocket

See, we told you you’d could have everything you need for life all in one bag! (Okay, everything for life is a little bit of an overstatement but it is pretty awesome)

So there you guys have it, the bag collection that is taking the cheer world by storm. Durable, innovative, and cute bags, that were designed for cheerleaders in mind. If you ask us, we think that Axeus pretty much nailed it.

These Axeus Backpacks are currently only sold at Cheer and Pom! Lucky us right!? So head on over to our site to check them out and buy them! You seriously will not regret this purchase. Promise.

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about Axeus, check out the video below where we sit down with Erica and get an inside look to Axeus World.

Have more questions for us on these bags or other cheer styles? Let us know! We are here to help you!  Call us 877-200-4944 Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM CST or email us at anytime!

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