Friday, January 29, 2016

Kaepa Cheerful Shoe Review

Hey guys! Cheer and Pom here with a great review for you on a shoe we have been getting non-stop questions about. The Kaepa Prism Cheerleading shoe. Many of you were probably sad to hear that the Kaepa Prism was discontinued around this time last year *insert crying emoji here*.
Wait, did you not know? Shoot, we hope we didn’t ruin your day!! Don’t worry! We have amazing news. Kaepa came out with the Kaepa Cheerful last spring and it is even better than the Kaepa Prism. Trust us.
Well now that competition season is almost drawing to a close for a lot of programs, we have been receiving a ton of calls from people looking for a replacement pair for their Prisms. We thought it might be best to set the record straight on the new and improved Kaepa Prism cheer shoe. So with out further ado, introducing the Kaepa Cheerful.
Kaepa Cheerful Cheerleading Shoes
Ain’t she pretty? Okay, okay, we know that to the naked eye, it looks pretty similar to the Prism. but stick with us and we will get into the nitty gritty of the Kaepa Cheerful and why you need this shoe in your life.

PLUS BONUS: We’ve got Erica to lay out the specs even further for you at the end of this post….

Alright first things, first, what amazing features haven’t changed.

Where can you wear this shoe? Indoors AND outdoors, The rubberized bottom sole gives amazing traction on multiple surfaces and helps make sure they are durable enough to last throughout the entire season. A multi-surface shoe is great for turning your summer/fall shoe into a winter practice shoe. Or if you’re really great at keeping your shoes, it can even be an outdoor practice shoe for the following season. BOOM we just extended the life of this shoe by 3 seasons. You’re welcome. Winking smile
Next, the other amazing feature that they kept with the Cheerful is the finger notch. Most people look at the shoe and are always curious as to why it is there. Basically it is a great feature for younger or less experienced cheer squads. Think, pop-warner or recreational level squads who are still learning and perfecting stunts. The finger notch is in the perfect location for a base’s thumb to sit comfortably under while still having a firm and secure grasp on their flyer. Pretty neat, huh?!
flawless stunting
Lastly, you’ve still got the color changing inserts we all know and love. Defninity cannot get rid of those. The cheerful comes with 14 different colors for you to choose from to match your squad colors. Or just to express yourself. Go crazy! Having difficulty changing those inserts?! We were too..but Erica is a master at it, check out her tutorial for changing the color inserts here!
snap in colors
Now why is it “new and improved”? It’s better for 4 main reasons.

1. Mesh Tongue

The Prism was strictly an all leather shoe. Great for cleaning, bad for stinky feet. The Cheerful comes with a full mesh tongue so that your foot has the ability to breathe. Say goodbye to being hot and unfortable during cheer. Kaepa Cheerful Mesh Tongue

2. Better Lining

Any one remember the old Prism lining? A felt type material, cushioned with fiber fill? It basically insulated your foot from getting cold. But our feet don’t get cold during cheer. duh. So they added a great mesh lining that will help wick away sweat so that you are keeping cool. Remember we lose a lot of our body heat through our feet so we want to make sure the heat and sweat can get out. out with the old

3. Lower Profile

What does that even mean? Basically it’s just the platform part of the shoe that you stand on. The Prism was 1 full inch in midsole (platform) thickness. Now the Cheerful is only 1 centimeter. That is quite a difference. No more feeling bulky in your shoes.

4. Lighterweight

By replacing the leather with mesh and reducing the thickness of the insole, they were able to reduce the weight of the Cheerful from 8.8 ounces to 6.4 ounces.* That is a huge bonus! No one wants to feel like they are wearing bricks on their feet. Amiright!?
*weight was taken with a women’s size 5 on our own scale. It is not a specification from the manufacturer.
Well there you have it guys, your inside look into the Kaepa Cheerful. See, now you want it for this season, right? Yep! We knew it. We’re just coing to leave this link riiight here for you guys to click on. So you can see the Cheerful, or put it in your shopping cart for safe keeping until you’re ready, or heck life is short, buy the shoes! That’s what we always say Winking smile
And if you still really aren’t sold on the Cheerful and just want your Prisms back, we still have SOME sizes left for you to snatch up before they’re fully extinct. Disclaimer: Do not get your hopes up on getting the Kaepa Prism, we have very limited sizing left and might not have enough to fill your order or your entire team!
Anyways, as always if you have any other questions about the Kaepa Cheerful cheerleading shoe, we’re here to help! Call us Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST at 877-200-4944 or email us at

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