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Which Cheerleading Shoe is Best for Competition?

Cheer Competition Mat Out of all the questions we get daily, we get “which cheer shoe is best for competition?”, most often.
The short answer? There isn’t one.
Okay, okay, we know that it’s not the answer you wanted. The long answer comes down to type of support, surface you are cheering on, weight of the shoe, what material you like, do you cheer on an all-star team or a recreational quad? Etc, etc. See? There is so much information that goes into deciding which shoe is best for you, that there really is no easy answer. And, let’s be honest, who has time for that long winded answer? We sure don’t.
To help you figure it out a little bit better, we took two of the most popular styles for the 2015 cheer season and compared them side by side. Take a look and see what you think!

First up, Axeus Inferno. The Axeus Inferno is brand new for the 2015 cheerleading season and  people are LOVING them, and so do we!
Let’s get down to the specs shall we?

Online Cheer and Pom Price $48.00
*Amazing Price right? Just a heads up to you guys, this price is from when the post was written (11/18/15) while we would LOVE to promise you this price always, we unfortunately cannot do that because of rules and regulations from the companies. But be sure to check out our website for the most up to date pricing!*

Weight: 6.4 Ounces

What this means: Basically the weight of one average size banana. If you are looking for incredibly lightweight however, this might not be the best choice for you.

Sole Material: Rubberized on toes and heels with pivot circles. Stitched synthetic leather through arch.

What this means: Basically the rubber sole will help give you more traction. Think no slipping or sliding through your routine. The pivot circles are so that you can move through your routine, tumble, and jump without having TOO much traction. And the synthetic leather between the toes and heels are for awesome flexibility.

Upper Material: Partial mesh upper and partial synthetic leather.

What this means: The mesh upper will help your foot to breath as your foot gets hot (Um, have you smelled your leather cheer shoes lately? If not, don’t! It’s gross, trust us!) It also adds a lot more flexibility for the shoe. The partial leather upper will a.) give you more stability for stunting and tumbling and b.) Be easier to wipe clean so you’re looking amazing for competition.
Inferno Side and Sole

Insole: Contoured insole for added arch support and extra cushion for shock absorption. Think how bad it is on your knees and legs when you land on no cushioning underneath you. Ouch!

Cheer Surface: So because the rubberized sole gives great traction, we say you can wear this shoe on grass, track, gym floor, standard cheer mat, and a spring floor. So versatile!

Next up, The Nfinity Vengeance. If you are in the cheerleading world even slightly, you know Nfinity Athletics brand. The Vengeance is a shoe that has been super popular this year thus far, so we figured we would give you a quick rundown of what this shoe gets you.

Online Cheer and Pom Price: $89.99*
*See disclaimer from Axeus Inferno above*

Weight: 3.9 Ounces

What this means: Hold a handful of ice cubes and you’ll get the feel for the weight of this shoe. So if you’re looking for a shoe that feels like you’re not wearing a shoe, this one is bound to be your best friend.

Sole: Extremely soft cushioned rubber sole with 3 extra rubber pieces.

What does this mean: So the extremely soft rubber has pros and cons. Pro: It makes for one amazingly flexible shoe. Seriously, lack of flexibility means nothing to this shoe. Con: Soft also can mean that it can break down faster. They have added 3 extra rubber pieces on the sole in just the right high wear areas. Definitely helps, but not a guarantee so keep this in mind when you are wearing them. Always look at your shoes after practice to make sure you’re not making holes!

Upper: Nylon-mesh material with skeleton like structure.

What this means: Continuing on with our theme for this shoe, the upper is mesh for more flexibility. You Can basically take this shoe and roll it into a ball.
Vengeance sole and Rolled ball

See, we don’t lie!
But when we say skeleton like structure, what does that even mean. Basically, Nfinity took extra nylon-mesh material and built it up around the sides of the shoe, they also added extra flexible plastic for added stability without compromising flex.

Insole: None.

What this means: Barefoot feel, anyone? This shoe does not have a removable insole, or any insole for that matter because it creates the sculpted barefoot feel everyone knows and loves. Raise your hand if you have ever done a cart wheel or tumbling pass while barefoot. We sure have! Feels great right?! Well this is what Nfinity tried to recreate, because obviously you can stunt and compete with no shoes on. This is the next best thing. But do keep in mind, that if you are looking for added support, this is not your friend.

Cheer Surface: The Vengeance is only recommended to be used on a spring floor. We repeat, spring floor only. Because there isn’t much cushion, your body needs some shock absorption otherwise, hello injuries and pain in the future. No one wants that!

So there you have it, two of the most popular cheerleading competition shoes for 2015 compared side by side. More of a visual person? Check out our graphic below that literally puts the two side by side. Visit us online at
Still can’t decide what you need or just want to see other competition shoes? Let us know! We are here to help you!  Call us 877-200-4944 Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM CST or email us at anytime!

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