Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life After Cheerleading

Life after cheerleading? What is that? After spending so many years being a cheerleader, it can be hard to come to terms with the fact that you’ve graduated from high school and are no longer a cheerleader or dancer. Sometimes it can seem like a never ending cycle Practices, football season, basketball season, competitions, tryouts, camp and then it starts all over again. It has pretty much consumed your life up until now. So your left with the “well now what?” feeling aren’t you? 

Well so are these former cheerleaders....

We talked to our staff here at Cheer and Pom and a few of our favorite cheerleaders or dancers who have gone through the same thing that you’re going through now. Read on to hear their amazing and inspirational advice to you…

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It’s hard waking up knowing you’re not going to do something that you’ve done for the past four years. But you can always find a way to get involved again. It won’t be the exact same but it brings back the same feelings.” –Renee, 19 years old, Former Dancer

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Hmm, I would say that I was able to move on by taking the people [skills] and leadership skills that I learned in cheer and applying them to other areas of my life including work. I also stay connected with my former cheer buddies!” –Jen, 28 years old, Former Cheerleader

Dance students and teacher in classStay Active!!!! I think I gained 20lbs after I stopped. That was no bueno. So definitely stay active. Also look into coaching and judging competitions. After going away to school, I realized how much I missed it, so I started teaching dance classes at the rec center. I then got involved with judging local dance competitions. Was extra money and it kept me involved with in the dance community” –Abby, 25 years old, Former Dancer
I felt like I was privileged to have the experience of being a member of state champion Ericacheer1Editsquad, and once that concluded, I felt completely fulfilled. I won't say that I never miss cheerleading though. Some of the things I would advise as far as "moving on" from cheerleading, is to go to sporting events. Oddly enough, as a cheerleader, you're in the middle of the excitement but you also have a bunch of obligations, its almost like you're working, so you can't enjoy the game like you could as a spectator. It's a very fun experience to go to sporting events and be a part of the crowd that you used to work to pump up. For girls that are really struggling with moving on from cheerleading, keeping in touch with cheer friends and going to competitions is a regular thing that I knew girls did when they graduated from Horlick. Cheerleading competitions are fun to attend, and it's an entire event dedicated to the excitement you may be missing. Another thing I'd suggest is, if they want to stay involved with the cheer community, volunteer or apply to coach a squad. It can be elementary school, middle school, high school, or any other city squad. Even if they weren't looking for actual employment, volunteering as a previous cheerleader to any squad would be welcome.” –Erica, 22 years old, Former Cheerleader
Think about what cheerleading taught you, the experiences you made, how it shaped who you are as a person. Time management, perseverance, hard work, and over coming a multitude of challenges. One thing to remember us that cheerleading was/is not your whole life. While it might feel like that some days, you have to think about all of the things in life that you have ahead of you. College, new friends, traveling, finding yourself and even starting your career. There is so much you have to look forward to, do not feel like the end of cheerleading is the end of your world. Cheerleading is not life, but it is training you for life.

So you see, there is life after cheer, just never forget what it taught you. This former cheerleader has realized it...

Have you gone through the same thing? What is your advice to those who are moving on from cheerleading? Comment below, we’d love to hear it!

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