Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nfinity Defiance Shoe Review

It's obviously no mystery that the Nfinity Defiance is simply amazing! But why is it so amazing is the question we kept getting. So we decided it was time to really answer that question for you. We grabbed the Nfinity Defiance and took it on a test drive. Tumbled in it, jumped in it, and put it through the ultimate Cheer and Pom test. Here's what we found:

Here are the quick specs on the amazingness that is in this shoe:

  • HALO Technology to increase your rebound. HALO stands for High Altitude Lift Optimization. (very technical)
  • Interlocking lacing system with bubble laces
  • Ergonomically shaped for better performance
  • 300% more cushion than any other cheer shoe in it's class
  • Only 5.4 ounces

As far as sizing goes, it does fit a little small so going up a half size in women's sizing would be best. For kids, we found that because they only come in whole sizes, a full size would be better.

Those are the technical specs we found. But reading them an understanding them are two different things. We sat down with Erica and got her opinion on this shoe. She goes in depth to explain all of the technical features. Check it out below! Then let us know what you think, is this shoe amazing or what?!

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  1. These are great shoes. Definitely doesn't disappoint in the comfort category. My daughter loves these cheer shoes. Fits good and very comfortable. Super lite.