Friday, March 13, 2015

Are You Ready for Cheerleading Tryouts?

After another amazing season, it is unfortunately almost over. Don’t sad! You know what the end of cheer season means?? Tryouts! WAIT! Don’t Freak out about them just yet!!

We know, they’re overwhelming, painful, and full of anxiety. But remember, they can be fun too! Making new friends, finally nailing that skill you’ve been working on, and obviously making the team is the goal. In the next couple weeks, we’ll be popping in with the best tips we have that have gotten us through tryouts!

But first, we want you to ease your anxiety with it all and make you remember why tryouts can be so fun! Think long and hard about something you love about cheerleading tryouts. It will help you to keep a positive attitude all the way through and help lower your freak-out level.

Answer our poll below or on the side of our blog! We promise, it will help you have more fun during tryouts!

Do you have any amazing advice you’d like to share? Comment below and we might even feature you in our next tryout blog!


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