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Cheerleading Competition Check List

Picture this: you're at cheerleading competition with your squad. You have your hair done, make up perfect, uniform on, and you're looking flawless with your bow. Last thing you go to put on is your cheerleading shoes. You grab the first one out of you bag slip it on, go to grab the second one and bring on the panic. You can't find it anywhere. You were in a huge rush in the morning because you procrastinated on packing your bag. You went to competition with one cheerleading shoe.

Talk about a cheer nightmare, right? This is a true story. We swear. Luckily we were there at the competition with extra shoes to save her. That being said, competition is a very stressful and nerve-racking time. The worst is when you forget something at home that you need. Bring on the panic. Sometimes you can find a teammate you has you covered but other times, it's a big deal.

We're here to help you guys! First rule about packing your cheer bag? Pack your bag at least a full day before you leave for competition. That way you have plenty of time to check and double check your list.

Here is our cheerleading competition checklist for you to follow. We also have a link at the bottom for you to print it off and double check your bag easily! We know, we're awesome, You're welcome! :)

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1. Uniform.
Obviously this is the easiest thing to remember. But there are a lot of items that go into your uniform that you need to make sure you remember. Shell, skirt, spankies, socks, sports bra, both cheer shoes (We hope our story helped you never forget these), and your cheer bow.

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2. Make Up and Hair Accessories.
Bobby pins and hair spray. You can never ever have enough of either one. Make sure you have a full pack of bobby pins and a full bottle of hair spray. Guarantee you that someone on your team will need to use some of either one. We like to go to the beauty supply store and just buy bobby pins in the 250 count box. That way you will never run out! Also make sure you have your make up bag packed.

4. Change of Clothes
No one wants to be wearing their cheer uniform all day. A lot of teams wear their warm ups for when they are not performing. Either way you should still bring an extra set of clothes just in case you get cold or hot. The perfect comfy outfit? Zip-up sweatshirt, comfy T-shirt, leggings,  and Ugg boots, slippers, or flip flops. No reason to wear your white cheer shoes all day, they will get dirty!

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5. First Aid Necessities
You never know when something is going to happen to you or one of your teammates. Be prepared for the worst. Bring a first aid kit, if you don't have one of those, put a small one together. Band-aids of all sizes, Athletic tape, sports wraps, ice pack, and asprin. Just a few of the bare necessities.

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6. Phone
It's a crowded and huge place. Stay in touch with your teammates, parents, and coach
throughout the entire day. Plus, you have to take pictures of your friends and keep up with social media. Going along with that idea, bring your phone charger! You don't know anxiety until you see that low battery notification on your phone.

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7. Water and Snacks.
Stay hydrated and energized! Food and drinks are often very pricy at competitions so it is always better to bring a stash of your own! Granola/protein bars, fruits, veggies, and whatever else you like to munch on. Just make sure it's not all junk food. Also, bring a refillable water bottle for you to carry around.

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8. Money
There is always merchandise being sold at competitions that you will want to buy so
bringing extra cash always comes in handy.

There it is. Our checklist of the top 8 things to remember to pack for cheerleading competitions. And like we said, here is your{printable version}. Print it out, add to it, give it to your teammates and/or coaches so that every one is prepared. Competition is your time to shine!

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Do you have different things on your list? Let us know what is in your cheer bag!

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