Friday, April 11, 2014

The Champions League: The Movie

"Cheerleading is a mission, It's community. It's the state we live in. It's what ever we want it to be. Because, every individual brings some other gift that they have to the sport. So its a lot bigger than we can define it."  Elaine Pascale, Owner and director of World Cup All Stars
After so much anticipation and excitement, we were finally able to see The Champions League movie. Since not all of us were lucky enough to see it first hand down in Atlanta last weekend, the movie was the next best thing. We were able to get a front row look into the competition and the incredible teams that gave it their all. And let us tell you, it was indeed just that, truly incredible.

For those who haven't heard, Top Gun was named grand champion of the competition, and the theater we were in, gave a full round of applause which gave us extreme chills. While they were named the winners of the very first Nfinity Champions League, every squad was so unbelievably talented, it's hard for us to say that they all didn't walk away as champions. Nfinity did an amazing job of telling us a story about the incredible sport of cheerleading.

The Nfinity Champions League tells a story of passion. These teams are so full of passion for this sport it's inspiring. It was a chance for the best of the best to come together with the same dream and leave their heart and soul right there on the mat, and that is exactly what happened. Each and every member on these teams show extreme athleticism, dedication, hard work, and focus. It is clear that cheerleading is not an individual sport, it takes each and every member to work together to be champions.

Not only is it about the hard work and dedication that these teams put in, but it is a story of personal growth. Like the fab five from Cheer Extreme out of North Carolina, they have formed life-long friendships with each other that most people search their whole lives to find. They trust each other with everything they have. To be able to put that much trust in someone is an amazing thing. It's not only the sport that shapes these athletes, it's the coaches and gym owners that inspire these young athletes to be so amazing. According to Peter Lezin from the Brandon All-stars, it's more than just coaching them to become better athletes, he says his favorite part about being a coach to these kids is being able to shape young minds. What an incredible thing to be apart of, to make a difference in the lives of these kids.

While the film centered around the competition the film left us walking away with so much more. These young athletes were given the opportunity to realize what it is like first hand to have a dream and give it everything they've got to achieve it. It showed us that cheerleading is not just what we do, it's who we are. Cheerleading is life changing.

So for those people who don't think cheerleading is a sport, here's the proof.

Nicely done Nfinity, nicely done.

What did you think of the film last night? We'd love to hear from you!

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