Friday, April 4, 2014

Nfinity Champions League: The Teams

With the Nfinity Champions League Competition starting today, we thought we would introduce you to some of the elite teams that are competing. If you are like us and want to get there to watch first hand but cannot, don't forget that it will be broadcast in a theater near you on April 10th.

Ice - Lady Lightning
Aurora, IL

They have locations in 2 states with 4 gyms; 1 heart of gold.

Gymtyme Allstars - Rogue
Louisville, KY 
World Cup All Stars- Starlites, Suns, Odyssey, Stars
New Jersey

Founded in 1994, it is home to 20 teams as of 2013.
Shooting Stars have won worlds 2007, 2008, 2009, and have been in the top 3 every year since.

California All Stars - Coed, Smoed, Aces, Lady Bullets
Started in San Diego, CA

"Faith over Fear"
Started in 2001 and now has 1000 athletes, 6 gyms and 400 National Titles.

Stingrays - Orange, Peach

Originally purchased from Tate Chalk, the now owner of Nfinity Athletics.
They have 3 gyms and 32 all star teams.
RockStar Cheer - The Beatles

Founded 2007 in South Carolina.
Top Gun - Coed

Known as one of the best.
Maryland Twisters - F5, Reign

Over 500 athletes, 27 cheer teams, 4 world champion gold medals and hundreds of national titles over the past 14 years.
Brandon All Star Cheer - Senior Black
Tampa, FL
Green Bay Elite - Lime
Green Bay, WI
Cheer Athletics - Panthers, Swooshcats

They probably have the biggest following.
3 gyms, 14 World Championships, 7 Silvers, and 3 Bronzes at the USASF Worlds.
Ace - Warriors
Nashville, TN
Georgia All Stars - Large Coed
Woodlands Elite - General
East Celebrity Elite - Medium Coed
New Hampshire
Cheer Extreme - Coed Elite, Senior Elite, SSX
North Carolina

Cheer Extreme features 850 national titles with 7 gyms and 800 athletes.

Spirit of Texas - Medium Coed
Twist and Shout - Obsession

Founded in 1996, they have 200 national titles spanning 5 gyms.

    So those are the teams that are competing in the first ever Champions League. Which one do you think will come out on top? There were some teams that we couldn't find much information on. If you have any be sure to leave a comment below.

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