Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheerleading Tryouts: 6 Tips to Help You Make the Team

Cheerleader. It’s what you’ve wanted for as long as you can remember. Being out there showing your spirit, stunting, and performing routines. You have always wanted to be a cheerleader and now here is your chance. The only thing standing between you and that uniform are the dreaded Tryouts. Sigh, tryouts. Even the word itself is scary and nerve-racking. But there is no need to be nervous. Tryouts are a time where you get to show off exactly why you would be an amazing cheerleader. But to calm those nerves a little here are 6 tips on how to nail those cheerleading tryouts.
1.      Know what you’re getting into.
Cheerleading is a lot of work and a huge time commitment. There are practices, games, competitions, and so much more. Make sure that you are ready to make the commitment to cheerleading. It’s a good idea to sit down and talk to your parents and make sure that they are on board with your decision. Make sure they are willing to help you make the commitment to cheerleading.
2.      Start early.
            Cheerleaders need to have good stamina so getting your butt in gear beforehand is key.  You can start by working on your flexibility. But never force the flexibility, doing so can cause serious injury to your muscles and tendons. It’s all about being safe. Next build those muscles and work on your tumbling skills. Maybe take a gymnastics class to perfect those skills. Never work on your tumbling alone either, safety is key in cheerleading so make sure you always have a buddy while working out.
3.      Ask for advice.
            Talk to current or past members of the squad. They always have valuable advice on what you should work on to nail your tryout. Maybe you can schedule time to work with them on basic moves or the routine. Remember, they have gone through the nerve racking tryout process just like you’re going through so listen to their advice.
4.      Practice. Practice. Practice.
            Depending on the format and schedule of your tryouts, make sure you go to all clinics leading up to the tryout and pay attention! The coaches will be watching how well you are paying attention and taking it seriously. Make sure to keep practicing the routine and the cheer basics when you get home. Practice is extremely important. But sometimes when you get home from the clinic you can’t remember everything that was taught, am I right? Well, practice with other people trying out, that way you can all work together to nail the routine.
5.      Get Sleep and Eat Well.
            Getting a full night’s sleep will help you to be more alert and focused throughout clinics and tryouts. If you don’t sleep well that night, you will tend to be sluggish and lack energy during the day. Cheerleading is all about high energy so make sure you get that sleep! Eating right also plays a huge role in your energy and performance level. Make sure you’re eating right leading up to the tryouts and on the day of. You don’t want to eat anything that will decrease your stamina or slow you down. Also, don’t eat right before you tryout, this could cause an upset stomach.
6.      Confidence.
            Everything is done better with confidence, isn’t it? This is probably the most important tip we have. As a cheerleader you need to be enthusiastic, positive, and confident. This is what the judges want to see. Confidence will help to give you the courage you need to get up in front of them and lay it all out on the mat. And if you make a mistake, don’t stop, keep going and keep smiling. Don’t let the judges know that you messed up, this happens all the time, but the key is to not let it screw you up just keep going.

So leave those nerves behind you and show the judges exactly what you’ve got. If you don’t make the team, it’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up about it. There are so many other activities you can join and have fun doing. Or keep practicing throughout the year to be even better for the next tryout. We wish you the very best of luck!!

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