Thursday, July 19, 2012

Purchase Cheer Shoes Early

You have spent countless hours browsing and comparing different cheer shoes. You may have went through board meetings and parents questions. The days go by until finally one day it hits you..."I should really order our cheerleading shoes."  You go to place your order; they don't have all your sizes. You may find out right away that your shoes are on backorder or you might not find out for a week or two. You browse and call other sites. So many different prices, so many different fees.  Which site do you go with??? It doesn't matter as none of them can complete your order.

Don't let this happen to you
At, we see this happen all the time.  The last minute cheer coach or mom. They call frantic. Express shipping options are expensive and may not fit into your budget.  You can avoid all of the confusion, headaches, expenses and stress this can cause by ordering your cheer shoes early. We recommend, if possible, ordering your shoes at least 3 weeks ahead of time.  By doing this you can account for any possible shipping delays or exchanging your shoe if it does not fit properly.

We strive to keep current shoes in stock throughout the entire cheer season here at In the rare occurrence that you place your order online and we do not have it available, we will contact you within one business day of your order being placed to notify you and give you options. Do you want to know immediately if the order you want to place is in stock? Give us a call (877-200-4944) and we will tell you. If our Team Specialists are unsure, they won't over-promise. They go and visually verify the stock while you hold.

Here are some other services that we offer:
  • *FREE* Pre-labeled shoe boxes with each person's name to make the hand out process easier
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $100
  • Team Price Lock for the season
  • *Coming Soon* After hours support

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