Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfitting Your Cheer Team With Shoes Part 5

After Your Shoe Purchase
Each and every year, Cheer and Pom knows that once you place that final order for shoes, the process is not over. Throughout the rest of the season new athletes may join your team, athletes may lose shoes, and sometimes they may even grow out of the pair they currently have. We make it simple to reorder new pairs that are needed throughout the season. We keep all original rosters, if you sent one to us to pre-label shoes, so that we can look up the size for any lost or outgrown pairQA. Cheer and Pom offers our special team prices throughout your cheer season and will get you the new pair(s) sent out to you in a timely manner. Simply call any of our Team Sales Specialists and we will assist you through this process.

Outfit Your Cheerleading Team with Shoes Summary
The heart of the cheer season is quickly approaching for many youth organizations and competitive teams. Shoe sizing has always proven to be challenging for a large squad. Over the last few weeks, Cheer and Pom has recommended ways to make the shoe sizing process simplified. Those recommendations included:
1.       Selecting a budget and selecting a shoe to meet your needs (Part 2)
2.       Sizing shoes (Part 3)
3.       Cheer and Pom Exclusive Services (Part 4)
Each of these recommendations can work as a guide for you and your team to find the perfect shoe, within the desired budget, and to size as accurately as possible the first time around.  Cheer and Pom specializes in footwear, which makes our main focus helping you keep the process as simple as possible.

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