Thursday, May 3, 2012

Outfit Your Cheerleading Team with Shoes Part 4

Services Exclusive to

Ordering a large quantity of cheer shoes can be difficult and very time consuming. Cheer and Pom hopes to eliminate some of the stress and time it takes to order your shoes. As we briefly described in Part 2 “Sizing Shoes for your Cheer Squad,” Cheer and Pom offers exclusive services to team customers. Our most popular service we offer is pre-labeling your shoes with the athlete’s name. This service is offered to any team of any size for no additional cost.

Prior to placing your order, you can email us with the roster and shoe sizes.  We will put together the order for you and get everything ready.  Once we receive your payment we will ship out the pre-labeled shoes. Your other option is to email us the roster and shoes sizes immediately after you place your order.  Your shoes will then be labeled and shipped out to you.

Other services we offer include fast and accurate shipping times, free UPS Ground shipping with orders over $100, reliable customer service, and team pricing on select styles.  Also, our returns/exchange policy can be viewed here.

Cheer and Pom hopes to make the shoe buying process as simple as possible for you so please let our Team Sales Specialists know if you have any question and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can comment below or call us at 877-200-4944.  Our next, and final, part to this series will talk about what to do if more athletes join your program after the shoe buying process has begun.

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