Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit Your Cheerleading Team with Shoes Part 2

Selecting a cheerleading shoe to fit your budget and needs

Previously we talked about how Cheer and Pom can help you in every aspect of your shoe buying process.  One very challenging factor that all coaches and coordinators face during this process is finding a shoe within their desired budget.  Something we hear about year in and year out are styles being picked out and calculated into a budget only to be ordered months later and told they are discontinued or out of stock.

Cheer and Pom makes shoe selection recommendations based on two different approaches.  The first way is to select a shoe style first and work your budget around that.  The second approach is to set your budget and then select a shoe style around it.  Which approach you choose depends on what is important to you and your team.
Selecting a shoe style first

Finding a shoe that fits your needs is ultimately the most important determining factor in a cheer shoe.  Some squads need styles available in both kids and women’s, some squads desire a low-profile shoe, and other squads may want an extremely lightweight and flexible style.

Once you find a style suited to your team, the next most important step is to make sure it is an IN-STOCK style for your upcoming season.  Many times less expensive footwear may be discontinued with very limited availability. If it is not clearly marked on the website, we recommend that you call to find out.  The last thing any cheer coordinator or coach wants to hear is that the shoe style is not available when they are ready to purchase.

Important things to keep in mind when selecting a shoe style first:
·         Additional features, such as lightweight and flexibility, may be on the high-end of the price scale
·         Make sure the desired style will be an in-stock style for the upcoming season
Setting a budget first

Setting a budget before selecting your footwear can result in leaving you with a limited selection of sizes and a style that may not work perfectly for you.

If setting your budget first, we recommend at the very least, doing a little research to find the least expensive IN-STOCK shoe for the season.  What this does is allows you to know the lowest possible price you would pay for a shoe that will be in stock for you entire season.  Although some styles will be less expensive, they will  most likely be discontinued with limited sizes.  Depending on the size of your team and sizes needed, this may work out to your advantage.

Choosing your shoes and working within a budget doesn’t have to be difficult.  Call 877-200-4944 to talk to the Team Sales Specialists at Cheer and Pom for assistance finding out what will work best for your team.  Part 3 runs you through how to size your team.

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