Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outfit Your Cheerleading Team with Shoes Part 1

Time and time again, Cheer and Pom hears about how stressful coaches, coordinators, and even parents get with buying shoes for their entire team. Outfitting a team of over 50 girls (and many times over 100 girls) is not a simple task by any means.

Cheer and Pom has found success in being with customers every step of the way during the shoe buying process. We are here to simplify this process as much as possible.  This means from the time you start thinking about what shoes you will need until every single athlete has a pair of shoes, and even after, Cheer and Pom is with you. We are Team Sales Specialists!!

Cheer and Pom has very unique advantage of only selling footwear. This means that we get to focus mainly on the one thing that seems to stress coaches out the most…SHOES!! So please be sure to follow us on our blog to get the best experience possible this year with your shoe purchases.

Each of the next four weeks we will address a different issue
  • Selecting a budget and picking out a shoe to meet your needs (Part2)
  • Ordering a size kit, sizing recommendations, and how to go about ordering (Part3)
  • Ordering in bulk, extra services Cheer and Pom offers, returns/exchanges (Part4)
  • Following up, what if more athletes join our program, etc (Part5)

Please be sure to comment if you have any concerns you would like addressed. Chances are other coaches or coordinators are having the same questions. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Who knows, your question might even make it into one of the blogs in this series!

For the most knowledgeable customer service agents in the industry make it!

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