Friday, April 20, 2012

Outfit Your Cheerleading Team with Shoes Part 3

Sizing Shoes for your Cheer Squad

After finding your perfect shoes for your team comes the even more strenuous part of sizing them. The sizing process for a large squad can be simplified by giving yourself and your organization enough time to purchase a size run of shoes. A size run is every size from smallest to largest in a given style. Purchasing a size run of shoes for fitting purposes will minimize the amount of returns and exchanges that might have to be done. Cheer and Pom has found the following process to be the most successful :
  1. Purchase one pair of every size in whole sizes or whole and ½ sizes depending on the size of the squad.  Commonly you would start with a whole size smaller than the smallest size worn on the team and go up to a whole size larger than the largest size worn on the team.
  2. Try the shoes on the entire squad to determine the sizes that are needed for all members needing shoes. Make sure to lace the shoes up all the way just like they would be worn normally and walk around in them.  Walk around in them.  Are they too tight?  Do they slip? This is a great time to get the perfect fit.  Taking the extra time now will save your team from headaches of finding a different size in the future.  If you have younger members on your team you should take into account the possible need for "growing room".  Also be sure to try the shoes on carpeted or clean indoor surfaces to keep them as clean as possible in case you need to return them after the sizing process.
  3. Keep the sizes you need  from your sizing order and send the rest back to your vendor. You know will know the exact sizes and quantities that you will need for your team to complete your order.
  4. Order the remaining sizes needed from your vendor.
  5. *Cheer and Pom Exclusive* Immediately after ordering (or before if you were working with one of our Team Specialists) email us a roster with sizes  for each member of your team.  We will have your shoes pre-labeled when they are shipped to you to make for easier distribution.  This service is currently provided at no additional charge!
Of course, time does not always permit to order a size run of shoes. So if you need shoes in a hurry, we recommend:
  1. Contacting our team sales specialists to get an idea of how your particular style of shoe  may fit.
  2. We cannot guarantee fit, but we can give you our best recommendations based on industry knowledge and past experience personally fitting cheerleading shoes.
  3. Order shoes for all members of your team.
  4. If some sizes do not fit, send them back for an exchange.  It is important to keep shoes clean when trying them on as most companies will not accept back dirty and worn shoes.
Something to note is that every company has different return and exchange policies.  Be sure to review them so you know what to expect before you begin this process.  You can see Cheer and Pom’s return and exchange policy here.

Cheer and Pom is always happy to assist in the shoe sizing process and will always give you recommendations based on your needs. What makes our team sales specialists so unique is that we listen to your needs and work around those needs to get you the most simplified shoe buying process.  Start a conversation today by calling us at 877-200-4944.  Be sure to read onto Part4 that highlights the return and exchange process and also unique services that offers.


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