Tuesday, November 29, 2016

When to Get New Cheerleading Shoes

Now that it is competition season, it’s time to kick your old beat up football sideline cheer shoes to the curb and whip out that brand spankin’ new pair that will help you shine all the way through competition season.

We’ve noticed that there are two types of people in this world…Ones who clean their cheer shoes every day after practices/games…


…and others who will live in them until they cannot stay on their feet anymore…Seriously though. This is a real pic from one of our Cheer and Pom squads… Her excuse for not getting new ones?? “But these are so comfy still!” Girlfriend, just no.

As funny as this convo was with her, still not okay to let your cheer shoes live this long. We get the comfort factor for sure, don’t get us wrong. Buuut now you’re pushing it. AND IT’S SO UNSAFE!! What would happen if she was up in a stunt and one of her bases got a finger caught in the holey shoes OR worse your base loses her grip on you because there is literally nothing left to your shoes?

Okay, okay. “Motherly Cheer Coach” rant over.

At the end of the day, after trying on the brand new pair, needless to say she was pretty darn ecstatic to get a new pair of shoes at this fitting. If this is what your cheerleading shoes look like, or even 1 tiny hole, it's time for a new pair.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Asics Ultimate Cheer Shoes for Competition

In our eyes, competition cheer shoes follow the rule “if ain’t broke don’t fix it”. (Not at all saying wear the shoes until they break). We mean that everyone has their go-to ultimate favorite competition shoe to cheer in. Every once in a while we’ll hear from a cheerleader and they say,
“I don’t want those again, I’ve had them the last 2 years. I want something different this season!”
Well, let us ask you…why do you want something different? Just bored with the same style or do you truly not like them? 90% of cheerleaders we see that decide change their shoes after wearing the same ones for years, will go back to their original choice. Hence…“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

There is the exception to that rule. The exception is when your favorite shoe gets the old “discontinued” boot and you are either forced to cheer barefoot *enter our cheer coach voice* “don’t ever do that!” or try something new.

The cheer shoe that has unfortunately faced the “we’re discontinuing you, boot” in 2016 is the Asics Ultralyte. The Asics Gel-Cheer Ultralyte was hands down one of the most popular shoes we had people loving for the past few years. It went head to head with the Nfinity Evolution all season long. But then they discontinued it ? Not even going to lie Asics, we absolutely love you and everything you create, but we were very disappointed in this decision from you. Until….enter the Asics Ultimate Cheer. While we still have a special place in our heart for the Ultralyte, the Ultimate is seriously amazing. Just trust us.

And of course we’re going to tell you why. Did you really think we’d let you down on that one?