Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Stop Your Cheer Shoes from Smelling

Smelly cheerleading shoes are probably the worst smelling thing ever. Seriously so gross.

Face it, cheerleaders are athletes. We spend hours every single day in our cheer shoes, working our butts off and sweating a ridiculous amount. It is only natural for your shoes to start smelling after time. So yes, we understand why they smell BUT it still is a horrible stench to have to deal with.

So how do get that rancid disgusting smell out of your cheer shoes?

Keep reading to check out one of the best and easiest method we've found for getting them back to smelling fresh...

Okay well, maybe there is no getting back to fresh, but at least getting them back to a more tolerable level.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cheer Shoe Lifespan: When Should You Get New Shoes?

We see people wearing cheerleading shoes that are legit falling apart all the time and it makes us cringe every time! It is not okay to be wearing those! It’s just not!

Here’s a Cheerleading fact for you all.

Nearly 37,000 cheerleaders visit the emergency room every single year. 37,000!! Seriously just crazy. Think we’re joking? Check out {these} crazy stats on cheer injuries.

Being safe while cheering should always be the top priority and when you wear shoes that are falling apart, don’t fit properly, or aren’t actually cheer shoes, you could get seriously hurt. Wearing the proper attire and shoes is the first step to avoiding injuries.

When we tell cheerleaders just like you that they need new shoes, we always hear the same thing.
“But, they’re so comfy still!”
“Theyre still good, I fixed them with duct tape”
“I’m good, I’ll just tie them tighter”
No. No. No. No. Just no. We know that your shoes are your babies and breaking in a new pair is the worst but you need to let go eventually! Keep reading below to know the signs of dead shoes and why it is so important to replace them.