Friday, September 9, 2016

Cheer Coach Organization: DIY Coaches Binder

Attention all cheer and dance coaches – this post is for you!!

I think we can all agree that after a certain point in the cheerleading/dance season, it all starts to feel slightly like mass chaos. With shoes, uniforms, practices, injury reports, competition, traveling, etc., etc. The list just goes on and on. And every year we end the season saying, it won’t be like this next year, we will be organized and have everything together at all times. But then a break comes. There is no cheerleading practice after school, no competitions on weekends, it is just nice and relaxing. So relaxing that you forget all about your vow at the end of last season and the next thing you know, it starts all back up again with cheer tryouts and you still don’t have it all organized.

This scenario sounds familiar doesn’t it? Yep, we thought so.
Well you are in luck, because we at Cheer and Pom are in the business of making sure you don’t pull your hair out midseason. We specialize in cheer footwear, yes. But we also pride ourselves in specializing in cheerleading as a whole, just because we don’t sell poms and bows, doesn’t mean we stop being on your team. So sit back and just let us help you in organizing your cheer season.

Read on for our tutorial on making a cheer coach binder to help you feel more of that Zen feeling everyone is talking about. PLUS at the end of this post, we include a FREE bonus gift from us to you!

Men’s Cheerleading Shoe Solution

We’ve heard the struggle time and time again…

“I have guy cheerleaders on my team, what do I do for shoes for them?”

First off, can we just vent for a sec and say how not fair it is that guys don’t have enough decent options when it comes to cheer gear? They’re just as much a part of a cheerleading squad as us girls. Seriously not fair and it’s frustrating for them and for coaches. Okay, venting over.

Trust us, we feel your pain, we’ve been there and the struggle is very real. But, after getting so many of these questions on Men’s Cheerleading shoes, we have decided to provide you guys with more options!

You’re welcome ;)

Keep reading for insight into defeating this problem.